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Synthesis Study of CF$_3$I and $C_2$F$_{5}I$ from Halon-1301
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Fire Sci. Eng.. 2002;16(3):32-38.   Published online September 30, 2002

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Effects of ${\hbox {Na}}^ + $, ${\hbox {Mg}}^{2+} $ , ${\hbox {Ca}}^{2+} $, ${\hbox {Sr}}^{2 +} $ and ${\hbox {Ba}}^{2 +} $ Doping on the Scintillation Properties of ${\hbox {CeBr}}_3$
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. 2015;62(5):2343-2348   Crossref logo

Martensitic Transformation in Ni $_{50}$ Mn $_{50-{\rm x}}$ Sn $_{\rm x}$ $({\rm x} = 11, 12.5)$ and Ni $_{49}$ Mn $_{51 - {\rm x}}$ Sn $_{\rm x}$ $({\rm x} =13)$ Heusler Alloys
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 2012;48(11):3749-3752   Crossref logo

Upper bounds on<tex>|C_2|</tex>for a uniquely decodable code pair<tex>(C_1, C_2)</tex>for a two-access binary adder channel
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 1983;29(3):386-389   Crossref logo

Irrecoverable and Recoverable Resistivity Resulting From the First Order Magnetic-Structural Phase Transition in Gd $_5$(Si $_x$Ge$_{1-x}$)$_4$
IEEE Magnetics Letters. 2010;1:6000104-6000104   Crossref logo

$m$-Consecutive-$k$, $l$-Out-of-$n$ Systems
IEEE Transactions on Reliability. 2015;64(1):386-393   Crossref logo

Joint Reliability Importance in a Consecutive- $k$ -out-of-$n$ :F System and an $m$-Consecutive- $k$-out-of-$n$:F System for Markov-Dependent Components
IEEE Transactions on Reliability. 2015;64(2):784-798   Crossref logo

Ferrimagnetic Sr$_{1.5}$Ba $_{0.5}$Zn$_2$Fe $_{12}$ O$_{22}$ (Zn-Y) Single Crystal With Planar Anisotropy
IEEE Magnetics Letters. 2011;2:5000104-5000104   Crossref logo

Microstructure and Magnetoelasticity of Melt-Spun Sm<tex>$_1-x$</tex>Pr<tex>$_x$</tex>Fe<tex>$_2$</tex>and Sm<tex>$_0.9$</tex>Pr<tex>$_0.1$</tex>(Fe<tex>$_1-y$</tex>B<tex>$_y$</tex>)<tex>$_2$</tex>Alloys
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. 2004;40(4):2769-2771   Crossref logo

An Embedded 65 nm CMOS Remote Temperature Sensor With Digital Beta Correction and Series Resistance Cancellation Achieving an Inaccuracy of 0.4$^{\circ}$C (3$\sigma$ ) From $-$ 40$^{\circ}$ C to 130$^{\circ}$ C
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits. 2015;50(9):2127-2137   Crossref logo

Effect of Mg Doping on the Superconducting Properties of Cu<tex>$_1-x$</tex>Tl<tex>$_x$</tex>Ba<tex>$_2$</tex>Ca<tex>$_3-y$</tex>Mg<tex>$_y$</tex>Cu<tex>$_4$</tex>O<tex>$_12 - delta$</tex>
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. 2006;16(1):2-8   Crossref logo