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Journal of Korean Institute of Fire Science and Engineering 2011;25(5):69-75.
Published online October 31, 2011.
저밀도 폴리에틸렌과 에틸렌 비닐 아세테이트에 수산화마그네슘을 첨가한 복합체의 연소성
강원대학교 소방방재공학과
Combustive Properties of Low Density Polyethylene and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Composites Including Magnesium Hydroxide
Chung Yeong-Jin
수산화마그네슘을 첨가한 저밀도 폴리에틸렌-에틸렌 비닐 아세테이트 복합체의 연소성을 시험하였다. 저밀도 폴리에틸렌-에틸렌 비닐 아세테이트에 수산화마그네슘을 40~80 wt% 첨가하여 용융 혼합하고 성형 후 콘칼로리미터(ISO 5660-1)를 이용하여 연소성을 시험하였다. 수산화마그네슘을 첨가한 시편은 첨가하지 않은 시험편에 비하여 그의 플래시오버 가능성이 감소하였다. 이것은 순수한 저밀도 폴리에틸렌-에틸렌비닐 아세테이트에 첨가한 수산화마그네슘의 흡열 분해 때문에 연소 억제성이 향상된 것으로 생각된다. 수산화마그네슘을 첨가한 시험편은 첨가하지 않은 시험편에 비해 낮은 총열방출량과 낮은 CO 발생량을 나타내었고, 수산화마그네슘 함량이 증가할수록 총연기발생량과 비소화면적이 감소하였다.
It was performed to test the combustive properties of low density polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate (LDPE-EVA) composite by the addition of magnesium hydroxide. Flame retardant of natural magnesium hydroxide was added to the mixture of LDPE-EVA in 40 to 80 wt% concentration. The composite was compounded to prepare specimen for combustive analysis by cone calorimeter (ISO 5660-1). Comparing with virgin LDPE-EVA, the specimens including the magnesium hydroxide had lower flashover possibility. It is supposed that the combustive properties in the composites decreased due to the endothermic decomposition of magnesium hydroxide. The specimens with magnesium hydroxide showed both the lower total heat release rate (THR) and lower CO production rate than those of virgin polymer. As the magnesium hydroxide content increases, the total smoke release (THR) and smoke extinction area (SEA) decreased.
Key Words: Magnesium hydroxide, Combustive properties, Flashover possibility, CO production rate, Smoke extinction area (SEA)

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