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Fire Science and Engineering 2016;30(1):24-30.
DOI:    Published online February 28, 2016.
Ethylene Glycol과 물의 혼합비에 따른 자연발화온도 특성
김정훈, 최재욱
1부경대학교 대학원 소방공학과
2부경대학교 소방공학과
Characteristic of Auto Ignition Temperature due to the Mixture Ratio of Ethylene Glycol and Water
Kim Jung-Hun, Choi Jae-Wook
1Graduate School of Fire Protection Engineering, Pukyong National Univ.
2Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering, Pukyong National Univ.
자연발화 특성은 가연성물질의 취급 및 화재예방을 위한 중요한 인자이다. 본 연구는 ASTM D2155식 발화온도 측정장치를 사용하여 Ethylene Glycol과 물을 혼합한 시료의 자연발화 특성을 고찰하였다. Ethylene Glycol 100%는 시료량 $75{mu}l{sim}160{mu}l$의 범위에서 $434^{circ}C$로 나타났다. 물을 첨가하여 Ethylene Glycol 80%와 물 20%를 혼합한 시료는 시료량 $100{mu}l{sim}125{mu}l$의 범위에서 $434^{circ}C$로 나타났고, Ethylene Glycol 60%와 물 40%를 혼합한 시료에서 시료량 $120{mu}l{sim}160{mu}l$의 범위에서 $437^{circ}C$로 나타났다. 또한 순간발화온도는 시료량 $125{mu}l$에서 각각 $579^{circ}C$, $595^{circ}C$$611^{circ}C$를 구하였으며, 물의 비율이 증가할수록 자연발화온도와 순간발화온도는 증가되는 것으로 나타났다.
Autoignition characteristic is an important factor of all combustible substances, and a critical determinant in assessing the effectiveness of fire hazard prevention. This study investigated the autoignition characteristic of mixtures of Ethylene Glycol and water using an ASTM D2155 type ignition temperature measuring apparatus. It was possible to get the minimum temperature as $434^{circ}C$ from 100% Ethylene Glycol within range of $75{sim}160{mu}l$. A volume of $100{sim}125{mu}l$ of a mixed sample of Ethylene Glycol and water (80 : 20) was ignited at the same temperature ($434^{circ}C$). Also it was possible to get the auto ignition temperature as $437^{circ}C$ from a mixed sample of Ethylene Glycol and water (60 : 40) within range of $120{sim}160{mu}l$. The instantaneous ignition temperatures determined for $125{mu}l$ of each of the three samples were $579^{circ}C$, $595^{circ}C$ and $611^{circ}C$, respectively. Both auto ignition temperatures and instantaneous ignition temperatures were increased through the addition of water to the samples.
Key Words: Auto ignition, Flammable, Minimum auto ignition temperatures, Instantaneous ignition temperatures

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