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Fire Science and Engineering 2017;31(5):37-43.
DOI:    Published online October 31, 2017.
샌드위치패널 벽면보호용 스프링클러설비 적용 실험
서동훈, 김운형, 김종훈, 이영재
1경민대학교 소방안전관리과
2경민대학교 소방안전관리과
4한밭대학교 설비공학과
An Experimental Study of Sprinkler system for Sandwich Panel Wall Protection
Seo Dong-Hun, Kim Won-Hyung, Kim Jong-Hoon, Lee Young-Jae
1Development of Fire Safety Management Kyungmin University
2Development of Fire Safety Management Kyungmin University
3H2K Solutions Inc
4Development of Building and Plant Engineering Hanbat University
국내 샌드위치패널 건축물은 공장 창고시설의 벽 지붕에 널리 사용된다. 공장 창고시설은 용도특성상 화재하중이 높고 화재확산이 신속히 진행되어 대형화재로 이어지며 재료특성 상 벽 지붕이 무너져 인명피해 및 재산피해가 증가하고 있는 추세이다. 이를 위하여 본 연구에서는 샌드위치패널 스프링클러설비의 국내 외 관련기준을 검토하였다. 현장조사결과 가연물이 벽면에 밀착되어있는 경우가 있어 벽면으로부터 10 cm, 60 cm, 120 cm 이격하여 벽면보호여부를 확인하는 실험을 수행하였다. 화재실험결과, 방수압력 0.1 MPa, 방수량 K-80의 헤드 설치 시, 샌드위치패널착화방지를 확인하였다. 또한 가연물이 벽면으로부터 60 cm일 때 샌드위치패널벽면의 최고온도가 $525^{circ}C$, 120 cm에서는 최고온도가 $276^{circ}C$로 측정되었다. 한편, 국외소방연구기관의 EPS 샌드위치패널연구에 따르면 발화점이 $450^{circ}C$인 것을 감안할 때, 패널 벽면에서 가연물거리는 120 cm 이상 이격하면 착화방지가 가능함을 확인하였다.
Domestic sandwich panel buildings are widely used on walls and roofs of factories and warehouse facilities. Factory and warehouse facilities have high fire load and rapid spread of fire due to their use characteristics, leading to large fires. Due to the characteristics of materials, walls and roofs are collapsed, resulting in life damage and property damage. In this regard, this study examined domestic and international standards of sprinkler facilities to prevent ignition of sandwich panel walls. Also, in order to check whether the fire was prevented by installing the head on the wall of the sandwich panel, the fire test was carried out with 10 cm, 60 cm, and 120 cm from the wall along the sprinkler head installation standard of domestic fire safety standards. As a result of the fire test, it was confirmed that the sandwich panel was prevented from igniting when the head of water pressure 0.1 MPa and water quantity K-80 was installed. According to the separation distance, it was impossible to measure the temperature at 10 cm, but at 60 cm, At the maximum temperature of $525^{circ}C$ and 120 cm, the maximum temperature of the wall of the sandwich panel was measured as $276^{circ}C$. As a result of the fire test, considering the fire point of 450 degrees Celsius in the fire test of the sandwich panel, the distance from the sandwich panel wall to the combustible is more than 120 cm.
Key Words: Sandwich Panel, Ceiling Collapse, Perimeter Sprinkler, Wall Protection

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