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Fire Science and Engineering 2017;31(6):53-59.
DOI:    Published online December 31, 2017.
무인계수시스템을 이용한 대형할인점의 재실자밀도 예측
서동구, 황은경
1한국건설기술연구원 건축도시연구소
2한국건설기술연구원 건축도시연구소
Prediction of Occupant Load Density using People Counting System in Discount Stores
Seo Dong-Goo, Hwang Eun-Kyoung
1Building and Urban Research Institute, Korea Institute of Civil engineering and building Technology
2Building and Urban Research Institute, Korea Institute of Civil engineering and building Technology
본 논문은 대형할인점에 대한 재실자밀도 예측을 통하여 현행 기준의 적합성을 검증하는 연구로서, PCS (People Counting System)을 이용한 실측조사와 내부자료조사를 수행하여 전국의 대형할인점에 대한 재실인원 및 95% 신뢰구간을 도출하였다. 실측조사의 결과, 최대재실인원이 발생되는 시각은 16~18시로 나타났으며, 크리스마스이브와 설날 전 주말에 최대재실인원이 나타났다. 최대재실인원의 결과는 판매건수에 의한 내부자료와의 관계를 통해 회귀식을 도출할 수 있었으며, 이 식은 선행연구를 통해 검증하였다. 이러한 과정에 따라 50개의 대형할인점의 내부자료를 분석하였다. 그 결과 95% 신뢰구간은 $2.7{sim}2.9m^2/pers.$ 으로 도출되었고, 국내외 기준과 비교했을 때 오차는 크지 않았다. 따라서 본 연구에서는 보수적인 측면을 고려하여 대형할인점의 재실자밀도 기준을 $2.7m^2/pers.$ 로 제안하였다.
The purpose of this study is to verify the suitability of the current standards by predicting the density of the occupant load density for discount stores. An internal data survey as well as an actual survey using a People Counting System (PCS) were employed to ascertain the number of occupants and 95% confidence interval of nationwide discount stores. According to the results of the actual survey, the time and days on which the maximum number of occupants were reached was from 16:00 to 18:00 and Christmas Eve and the weekend before New Year's Day, respectively. From the results of the maximum number of occupants, a regression equation was derived from the relationship between the internal data and the amount of sales, and this equation was verified in a previous study. Thus, the internal data of 50 discount stores were analyzed using this process. As a result, the 95% confidence interval was determined to be $2.7{sim}2.9m^2/pers.$ and the error level was not large compared to the domestic and foreign standards. Therefore, this study proposes that a conservative estimate of the standard occupant load density for discount stores is $2.7m^2/pers.$
Key Words: Occupants Load Density, People Counting System, Discount Stores, Evacuation Safety Design

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