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Journal of Korean Institute of Fire Science and Engineering 2003;17(3):20-25.
Published online September 30, 2003.
비예혼합 대향류화염의 구조와 소화
Structure and Suppression of Nonpremixed Counterflow Flames
Anthony Hamins , Park Woe-Chul
1National Institute of Standards and Technology
2National Institute of Standards and Technology
화염변형률과 소화약제의 첨가 및 부력이 비예혼합 대향류 화염의 구조와 소화에 미치는 영향을 조사하기 위해 필라멘트와 열전대를 이용한 실험과 Oppdif 및 FDS를 사용한 수치해석을 수행하였다. 소화농도에 가까운 메탄-공기의 확산화염에 대하여 2.2초의 무중력 낙하실험과 정상중력에서의 측정결과를 수치모사의 결과와 비교하였다. 변형률 7 s$^{-1}$에서 100 s$^{-1}$까지 무중력상태에서 측정한 임계소화농도로부터 질소의 임계소화농도에 최대치가 있음을 확인하였다. 또한, 부력의 효과, 즉, 화염의 곡률과 두께 변화를 FDS의 계산결과로 확인하였다. 무중력상태에서 화염의 최고온도와 그 위치에 대한 실험치와 계산값이 일치함을 알 수 있었다.
Measurements with filaments and thermocouples and computations with Oppdif and FDS were carried out to investigate the impact of flame strain, agent addition, and buoyancy on the structure and extinction of nonpremixed counterflow flames. Measurements through 2.2 s drop tests in microgravity conditions and experiments in normal gravity conditions were compared with the results of computations. For the global strain rates 7 s$^{-1}$ through 100 s$^{-1}$ , the turning point behavior in the critical nitrogen concentration at O-g was confirmed. The effects of buoyancy, that is, changes in the flame curvature and thickness were also confirmed by the computations with FDS. There was agreement in the peak flame temperature and its position between the computations and the measurements in the near extinction methane/air diffusion flames in microgravity.
Key Words: Methane-air counterflow flame, Flame structure and suppression, Microgravity, Experiments, Computations, Extinction concentration

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