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Fire Science and Engineering 2013;27(5):57-63.
DOI:    Published online October 31, 2013.
알킬렌디아미노알킬-비스-포스폰산 유도체로 처리된 리기다 소나무 시험편의 연소특성
강원대학교 소방방재공학과
Combustion Characteristics of Pinus rigida Plates Painted with Alkylenediaminoalkyl-Bis-Phosphonic Acid Derivatives
Chung Yeong-Jin
Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering, Kangwon National University
이 연구에서는 피페라지노메틸-비스-포스폰산, 메틸피페라지노메틸-비스-포스폰산, N,N-디메틸렌디아미노메틸-비스-포스폰산으로 처리된 리기다 소나무의 연소성을 시험하였다. 15 wt%의 알킬렌디아미노알킬-비스-포스폰산 수용액으로 리기다 소나무에 3회 붓칠하여 실온에서 건조시킨 후, 콘칼로리미터(ISO 5660-1)를 이용하여 그의 연소성을 시험하였다. 그 결과, 알킬렌디아미노알킬-비스-포스폰산으로 처리한 시험편은 무처리 시험편에 비하여 그의 연소 억제성을 부분적으로 증가시켰다. 특히 알킬렌디아미노알킬-비스-포스폰산으로 처리한 시험편은 연소속도 감소에 의하여 무처리 시험편에 비해 각각 지연된 착화시간(148-116 s)과 긴 불꽃소멸시간(633-529 s)을 나타내었다. 따라서 알킬렌디아미노알킬-비스-포스폰산으로 처리한 시험편은 순수 리기다 소나무 시험편에 비하여 부분적으로 낮은 연소성질을 나타내었다. 그러나 피페라지노메틸-비스-포스폰산으로 처리한 시험편은 무처리 시험편에 비해 각각 높은 최대열방출률(187.56 $kW/m^2$)과 높은 총 열방출률(75.7 $MJ/m^2$)을 나타내었다.
This study was performed to test the combustive properties of Pinus rigida plates treated with piperazinomethyl-bisphosphonic acid (PIPEABP), methylpiperazinomethyl-bis-phosphonic acid (MPIPEABP), and N,N-dimethylethylenediaminomethyl- bis-phosphonic acid (MDEDAP). Pinus rigida specimens were painted in three times with 15 wt% alkylenediaminoalkyl- bis-phosphonic acid solutions at the room temperature. After drying specimen treated with chemicals, combustive properties were examined by the cone calorimeter (ISO 5660-1). As a result, the combustion-retardation properties were increased by due to the treated alkylenediaminoalkyl-bis-phosphonic acid solutios in the virgin Pinus rigida. Especially, the specimens treated with chemicals showed both the later time to ignition (TTI) (148-116 s) and longer time to flameout (Tf) (633-529 s) than those of virgin plate by reducing the burnig rate. Compared with virgin pinus rigida plate, the specimens treated with the alkylenediaminoalkyl-bis-phosphonic acids showed partially low combustive properties. However the specimens treated with PIPEABP showed both the higher peak heat release rate (PHRR) (187.56 $kW/m^2$) and higher total heat release rate (THRR) (75.7 $MJ/m^2$) than those of virgin plate.
Key Words: Alkylenediaminoalkyl-bis-phosphonic acids, Time to ignition (TTI), Total heat released rate (THRR), Peak heat release rate (PHRR)

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