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Fire Science and Engineering 2016;30(1):111-120.
DOI:    Published online February 28, 2016.
소방용품 내용연수 제도화 정책방안
백창선, 박인선
2중앙대학교 교양학부
Policy Direction for Fire Products Life Expectancy Legislation
Baek Chang Sun, Park In-Seon
1Division of Fire Technology Director, Korea Fire Institute
2Chung-Ang University
본 연구는 국내외의 소방용품 내용연수 제도와 소방안전관리자 인식조사를 바탕으로 소방용품 내용연수 제도화에 대한 정책 방안을 제시할 목적으로 실행되었다. 이를 위하여 일본, 미국, 한국의 소방용품 내용연수 제도를 분석하여 권장 내용연수를 도출하고, 전국 17개 시도권역 소방안전관리자 660명을 대상으로 소방용품 내용연수 제도화 필요성, 32종의 소방용품의 내용연수 관리 및 향후 정책 방향에 대한 인식 조사 결과를 분석한 후 소방용품 내용연수 정책실행 방향을 찾고자 하였다. 소방안전관리자 설문 조사 결과, 소방용품 법제도화에 대하여 79.3% 소방안전관리자가 찬성하였으며 소방용품 품목별 제도화 필요성에 대해서는 분말소화기(77.3%), 감지기(44.6%), 소방호스(44.4%), 가스계소화기(40.6%), 완강기(36.2%), 유도등(35.9%), 공기호흡기(35.9%), 주거용주방자동소화장치(33.9%), 자동확산소화장치(33.9%), 비상조명 등(31.2%), 가스누설경보기(30.7%) 등이 30%를 상회 수준으로 내용연수 관리가 필요하고, 특히 분말소화기(60.0%), 감지기(20.0%), 소방호스(18.8%)는 최우선 도입이 필요하다고 인식하였으며, 소방용품 내용연수는 대부분 10년 전후 경과하면 교체해야 한다고 인식하고 있었다. 따라서 이러한 결과를 토대로 내용연수 제도화 소방용품 품목을 선정하고 단계적 정책 도입방안을 제안하였다.
This study is intended to provide legislative direction for fire products life expectancy. Domestic and international laws relating to fire products life expectancy have been reviewed, and the results of a Fire Safety Manager Consciousness (FSMC) survey were analyzed. The FSMC survey has been designed in order to assist with the establishment of appropriate fire safety policy. A questionnaire survey was conducted with 660 fire safety administrators from 17 municipal and provincial districts, with the intention of gaining expertise on the extension of life-span for 32 fire products. The survey also asked for candidates opinions on future policy direction. Based on the survey results and the review of policies within other nations, we have devised a set of policy issues with the intention of extending the life-span of fire-safety items. The survey result revealed that 79.3% of Fire Safety Managers (FSMs) concurred with the establishment of legislation regarding the maintenance and correct care of fire-safety products. Overall, over 30% of FSMs were in favor of regulations regarding Ddry chemical fire extinguishers (77.3%), fire detectors (44.6%), fire hoses (44.4%), gaseous agent fire extinguisher (40.6%), automatic descending life lines (36.2%), exit lights (35.9%), air respirators (35.9%), extinguishing systems for residential cooking facilities (33.9%), automatic spray-type extinguishing units (33.9%), emergency lights (31.2%), and gas leakage detectors (30.7%). Especially, among these, dry chemical fire extinguishers (60.0%), detectors (20.0%), and fire hose (18.8%) were identified as the fire products primarily in need of maintenance legislation. The general consensus is that fire products older than 10 years need to be replaced. Based on the survey results, there was general agreement that fire product life expectancy is in need of legislation. This study recommends the introduction of fire product life expectancy legislation in phases.
Key Words: Fire products, Useful life, Consciousness research
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