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Journal of Korean Institute of Fire Science and Engineering 2002;16(3):1-7.
Published online September 30, 2002.
$N_2$기체의 흐름에 주입된 $CO_2$기체의 확산 및 분산
1진주전문대학 소방안전관리과2진주전문대학 소방안전관리과
Diffusion and Disperision of Injected $CO_2$Gas Into the $N_2$Gas Flow
Diffusion and dispersion of injected $CO_2$gas into the $N_2$ gas flow are complex. In the packed column with porous particles the axial dispersion and the extra-particle mass transport as well as the intra-particle mass transport are involved. The pulse spreads by stationary diffusion during the period of arrested flow. Hence, the effect of axial dispersion, and of entrance and exit, as well as that of intraparticle convection should be eliminated during the period. The effective diffusivity was determined experimentally by using the gas chromatography, which is to arrest the gas flow during the period after injecting the pulse. This experiment method hasn't been used often in the field. Effective diffusivities are raised with temperature increasing, and it is quite satisfied com-pared to literature values. In this study, the calculated data of gaseous chemical for extinguish fires could be helpful to appreciate several physical phenomenons. Also, it could be expected that, the calculated data of this study might be very useful for development of excellent gaseous chemical for extinguish fires and improvement of its efficiency.
Key Words: diffusion, dispersion

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