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Journal of Korean Institute of Fire Science and Engineering 2004;18(4):57-63.
Published online December 31, 2004.
저압용 누전차단기 접속부의 발열 및 금속 조직 분석에 관한 연구
최충석, 송길목, 김동욱, 김동우, 김영석
A Study on the Analysis of Heat and Metallurgical Structure of Connection Parts for Residual Current Protective Devices
Choi Chung-Seog , Shong Kil-Mok , Kim Dong-Ook , Kim Dong-Woo , Kim Young-Seok
본 연구에서는 저압용 누전차단기 접속단자에서의 접촉압력에 따른 발열특성을 조사하고 차단기 단자와 전선에 접촉 불량이 발생했을 때의 전압, 전류파형과 산화물 증식 등을 분석하였다. 차단기 단자와 전선에 접촉압력이 가해지지 않았을 때는 접촉저항증가로 열이 발생하고 금속표면에 산화 막이 형성되었다. 이때 단자 외부 절연물의 온도는 접촉 불량에 의해 급격하게 상승하며 단자내부에서 미세한 불꽃과 연속적인 방전음이 발생하였다. 단자내부도체와 접속전선 접촉면에서 기계적 진동에 의한 접촉 불량이 발생했을 때, 접촉면에서 산화물이 증식되고 발열온도는 869℃이상으로 상승하여 전기재해의 위험이 높음을 알 수 있었다.
We investigated heat properties of connection terminal in residual current protective devices(RCD) according to contact pressure for low voltage appliance. And we analyzed voltage and current waveform and oxide propagation when the poor-contact happened between terminal and wire. When contact pressure between terminal and connection wire was not applied, the heat was generated and an oxide was formed on the surface of the wire. The temperature of the insulation surrounding terminal was ascended sharply by poor-contact, micro-sparks and continuous arc sound happened in interior terminal. When the poor-contact by vibration occurred inner conductor of terminal and wire, an oxide was propagated on contact surface and the temperature was increased at 869℃. Thus, we found that the risk of electrical disaster is high in terminal and connection wire parts.
Key Words: Terminal, Poor-contact, Heat, Oxidation propagation

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