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Journal of Korean Institute of Fire Science and Engineering 2010;24(1):111-115.
Published online February 28, 2010.
무선통신기능을 갖는 화재감지기 회로에 대한 연구
백동현, 김장원
1경원대학교 공과대학 소방방재공학과2경원대학교 IT대학 정보통신공학과
The Study of Fire Detector Circuit with Wireless Communication
Baek Dong-Hyun, Kim Jang-Won
본 논문은 단독형 화재감지기에 무선통신기능을 융합한 화재감지장치를 개발하고자 ZigBee 통신기술을 단독형화재감지기의 신호처리방식으로 채택하여 무선 네트워크와 결합이 가능하도록 설계하였다. 화재감지시 출력전압은 0.4V, 동작 펄스폭은 $600{mu}s$로 실험하였다. LED감시등은 30초 주기로 동작하고 0.12mA, 동작시에는 0.5초 주기로 하며 사용전류가 7mA가 흐르도록 하여 전원회로, Chamber테스트, 연기테스트, IRED, LED 점등등 각 부분이 일정 시간 내에 정상적으로 동작되어 그 적정성을 확인하였다.
For the development of fire detector equipments that was fused independent type of fire detector and a wireless communication function, this paper adopted a signal processing method of an independent formation fire sensor by a ZigBee communication method, and it was designed that the combinations of fire detector and wireless communications network were enabled. When a fire occurred, output voltage of a fire detector was 0.4 V, the movement pulse width was $600{mu}s$, and that was confirmed by an experiment. When it has lookout state, LED worked by 30 s cycle and working current is 0.12 mA. When a fire occurred, LED worked by 0.5 s cycle and working current was 7 mA, and through this experiment of power source, Chamber tester, smoke tester,IRED, LED lighting, the propriety of the method that we showed in this paper confirmed.
Key Words: Fire detector, Fire fighting signal processing, ZigBee wireless communication

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