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Fire Science and Engineering 2017;31(3):106-118.
DOI:    Published online June 30, 2017.
우리나라 의용소방대의 변천과정 고찰을 통한 발전방안 연구
김형도, 이시영
1강원대학교 방재전문대학원
2강원대학교 방재전문대학원
Study of a Development Plan through Consideration of the Transition Process of Korean Volunteer Fire Department
Kim Hyeong-Do, Lee Si-Young
1The Professional Graduate School of Disaster Prevention Kangwon National University
2The Professional Graduate School of Disaster Prevention Kangwon National University
본 연구의 목적은 의용소방대 태동기부터 2014년 의용소방대법 제정까지의 변천과정 고찰을 통해 의용소방대의 역사적 정체성을 구현하고 기본 이론적 개념을 변화된 관점으로 새로이 정립하며 발전방안을 모색하고자 하였다. 이를 위해 문헌조사 연구방법을 토대로 기술적 접근방법이 활용되었다. 연구결과, 정의는 "의용소방대는 화재진압, 구조 구급 등을 비롯한 각종 재난상황에 대비하고자, 자원한 지역주민들이 자주적이고 자발적인 의지로 의기투합하여 구성한 법률상의 보조 조직체", 설치이념은 '주민 참여의 한 형태로서 안전의 선도적 봉사조직체', '자율적 조직운영을 바탕으로 한 주민친화적 조직활동', '사회복지 실현과 각 지역별 여건에 따르는 요구를 보완해 주는 활동'으로 정립하였다. 그 특성에 관해서는 '자발적 참여성', '사회적 확장성', '사회복지 실현 및 보완성', '전문성 및 발전성'으로 기본 이론적 개념을 새로이 정립하였으며 향후, 의용소방대 연구에 기초자료로 활용될 수 있을 것으로 기대한다.
The purpose of this study was to realize volunteer fire departments' historical identity through a review of the transition process from the quickening period of volunteer fire departments to the enactment of the volunteer fire department act in 2014, establish it newly from the viewpoint of changing the basic theoretical concepts, and seek a development plan. For this, the technical approach method was used based on the research method of literature searches. The result of the study established the definition as 'volunteer fire departments are legal auxiliary organizations composed by local residents who volunteer and understand one another with their independent and voluntary will to prepare for all kinds of disasters as well as fire suppression, rescue, and first aid.' and the installation ideology as 'leading service organizations of safety as a form of community involvement', 'resident-friendly organizational activities based on autonomous operational operation' and 'the activities of supplementing their demands according to the realization of social welfare and regional conditions'. Regarding the characteristics, the basic theoretical concept was newly established by 'voluntary participation', 'social expandability', 'the realization and complementation of social welfare', and 'professionalism and possibilities'. In addition it is expected that the results of this study can be utilized as the basic materials in studies of volunteer fire departments in the future.
Key Words: Volunteer Fire Department, Transition Process, Definition, Ideology, Characteristics

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